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Configure The Video module In Drupal

Configure The Video module In Drupal

Posted On : August 30, 2013

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If you want to configure the Video module in drupal follow below steps.

Step 1:- Download video and other required Module in below url.

Module name and url :-

Video :-

CCK :-
File field:-
Library API:-

Step 2 :- After Download modules put the below directory

Directory:- sites\all\modules

Step 3:- Enable the video, views and ctools modules from Admin – Site Building – Modules

Step 4 :- Create/Add content file field with video field.

Step 5 :- Create view from Admin Side

Go to Structure > Views and click Add new view.

Step 6:- After Create the video View Create One video Block

Step 7:- Screenshot of video View:-

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