“Upload PDF Extension” – Ifuturz’s Another Noteworthy Achievement


For any Magento eStore uploading a PDF file for Product images, Product description, Product video or Product Slide Share etc plays an important role in exhibiting the specifics of the particular product in depth, helping customers to make purchase decision. These elements make eStores more user friendly by improving the consumer’s experience.

Thus “Upload PDF Extension” is of pivotal importance as it gets right the challenges of uploading PDF as per your estore products requirements.

Ifuturz’s Quick Fix Extension For Uploading PDF

The “Upload PDF Extension” made by certified Magento developers of iFuturz is the hot item for the Magento online store owners, assisting them to present their products uniquely to the eWorld. iFuturz’s have bestowed this creation for eshop of all sizes to excel immeasurably for no cost.

This FREE of cost Extension by iFuturz is an all-embracing solution for issues that an online store faces in its product demonstration. Besides this community edition extension is compatible with versions such as 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1

iFuturz’s Triggers its Silver bullet to Shoot High!!

How “Upload PDF Extension” Fixes Up?

Admin can upload PDF from admin panel enabling to make a custom tab in Catalog —> Manage Products —> Edit Product Page & name it. From the edit page admin can add/ delete/ update the PDF as per the need. The list of uploaded PDF can be shown on product page on front to help customers see the uploaded PDF for particular product. There is a provision of having more than one PDF for any specific product.This extension would assist customers get a better idea about the product they choose to buy and thus improve credence and conversion enormously.

upload PDF from admin panel
How Upload PDF Extension

What can iFuturz Do For Supporting This Extension Or Other Custom Magento Extension?


This is truly pearl of the wisdom for Magento eShop owners.

For any support for “Upload PDF Extension” or any other personalized Magento Extension contact our certified Magento Developers. Ifuturz is an acclaimed organization with 5+ years of experience in delivering avant-garde custom magento solution with its adept team of developers and cutting-edge technological know-how.

To know more about “Upload PDF Extension or bespoke Magento Extensions, please feel free to contact us.

Keep coming to gain more information on our achievements.

“Search by Size Extension” – Another Feather in iFuturz’s Cap


Lets applaud for “Search by Size Extension” created by the adept developers of iFuturz which has bolstered many mini to mega Magento eshops to make wonders for gratis.

By this, I mean “Search by Size Extension” is free of cost.

“Search by Size” is an important community edition extension serving merchandising purpose of Magento online stores to the nth degree. This being a stable version is compatible with 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1.

So what are you waiting for without much ado, get the edge of impeccable extension ” Search by Size ” to hold all the aces in your eCommerce business.

What “Search by Size Extension” Equips?

When product varies in its size then make a point to display them in a way that your customer do not miss on it.

The golden rule of eCommerce says :Your Products Should Be Easily Identifiable And Accessible.

Products for examples : Lockers , Benches, Tables, Cupboards & so on…

With “Search by Size Extension” your customers get assistance to pick their choices appropriately with the help of our drop-down or selection boxes :


P.S: Width, depth, height box contains only those sizes which are allowed by admin from admin-panel.

This extension is sure to decrease customer annoyance & increase customer convenience while they search for their preferrable product.

This in return would speed up conversions & ROI.

How can you get support for this Magento extension or any other bespoke magento extension?

You asked it right.

The best approach for getting support for this extension is to contact our certified developers. We are commended organization with expert developers & across-the-board Magento technologies. iFuturz has 5+ years of experience in serving customized avant-garde Magento extension.

For “Search and Size Extension” support or any custom magento extension, give us a shout.

Keep following us for new innovations.

“Add Product Comment” Extension – Ifutuz’s Masterpiece for Gratis

Magento Add Product ExtensionStats says that ” 86% of customers read online comments/reviews before deciding to make a purchase.” 

In such a scenario how can any estore holder afford to ignore comments/reviews? Fat Chance!

The comments and reviews about a product can make or break its marketability.Lets leaf through the significant addition that iFuturz’s has made by contriving “Add Product Comment Extension” that too FREE of cost.

“Add Product Comment Extension” Ifuturz’s Grand Slam!!!

Product comments by customers are the best resource for product’s research and renovation. Kudos to the “Add Product Comment Extension” made by dextorous certified Magento developers of iFuturz. Crunch for time and money is pilling up and so if your estore lacks appropriate review/ comment about your product then your ebusiness may get a down card.

Thus “Add Product Comment Extension” increases customers credence and stimulate them to shop from your eStore.

How ” Add Product Comment Extension” Supports?

This FREE of cost extension provides comment box in view page on frontend allowing customers to add more than one comment. However only signed up or logged in customers have the right to comment on products. The customers who are not signed in or logged in can view the list of product comments with date and month.

Moreover, the admin can view comments on particular product and also can delete the product comment from admin panel. “Add Product Comment” is a community edition extension compatible with versions such as 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1.

With increased comments on products get increased customers resulting in increased sales.

What else can you ask for ? It’s whole-hog of pluses.

How iFuturz & It’s Certified Magento Developers Can Help?

A treasure trove !

Add Product Comment Extension” is iFuturz’s crowning stroke which would support several big & small eShops to gain transcendence without shelling out a penny. We are spearheading organization with 5+ years of experirnce, expert developers & with footprints across the globe.

For help with “Add Product Comment Extension or any other Custom Magento Extension, get in touch with us.

Keep visiting to know more about our accomplishments.

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