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Display dynamic slide show in Drupal

Display dynamic slide show in Drupal

Posted On : July 5, 2013

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Some times you need  to be make a dynamic slideshow. So, for that use this below code to helpful you for making a attractive dynamic slideshow.

Step:-1) Download view slideshow module.


Step:-2) put this module in site/modules/ Directory.

Step:-3) Now Go in Admin side and make View for Slideshow.

Step:-4) Add new View.

Step:-5) Add fields in view (select Content – image. Which are display images in view ).

Step:-6) Filters ,

Node type :-Banner slide

Step:-7) Basic Setting :-

Name: Page Title: None

Style: Slideshow

Row style: Fields

Items to display: 5

Step:-8) Page Settings

Path: node/1 (as per user requirment)

Menu: No menu

Now your Slideshow is display in  URL:- (

Configuration of view for dynamic slideshow

Screenshot View Slideshow

URL :-

Screenshot to Display Slideshow Block :-

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