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How to add a sitemap to your drupal site

How to add a sitemap to your drupal site

Posted On : July 26, 2013

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Step 1: Download the latest version of “XML Sitemap” for below url.


Step 2: Extract the files into a folder on your desktop. The folder will be called “xmlsitemap”.

Step 3: Create the module folder inside the Site/all Directory.

Path :- sites/all/modules

Step 4: Upload the “xmlsitemap” folder to /sites/default/modules/

Step 5: Go to Administer >> Modules >> Administration menu and check the box next to “XML sitemap” and click “Save Configuration”.

Step 6: After saving you’ll presented with more options. Checking all the boxes would be a good choice.

Configure the XML Sitemap in Drupal Sites :-

Submitting the Sitemap to Search Engines :-

Step 7: Go to Administer >> Site Configuration >> XML Sitemap and you’ll have more options to choose from.

Step 8: Inside the screen on Step 7 you’ll see that XML Sitemap allows you’ll see a box entitled “Search engines”. This will allow you to submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing (plus some others, if you care).

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