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How to implement XHTML to Drupal Theme

How to implement XHTML to Drupal Theme

Posted On : July 12, 2013

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If you want to make a Xhtml page is your drupal Home page for that use below steps.
Steps For Implement XHTML to Drupal Theme.
Create Custom Themes Require Two Files :-
- File
- page.tpl File
Path :- \drupal\themes\Custom-Themes-Name

- File
name = Custom-Themes-Name.
description = Custom-Themes Description
version = VERSION

core = 6.x
engine = phptemplate
stylesheets[all][] = style.css
; Information added by packaging script on 2012-05-02
version = “6.26″
project = “drupal”
datestamp = “1335977158″

- page.tpl File :- All Xhtml Code are put in this Files.

After add Xhtml Code in page.tpl Files Go to the Below Path and Enable Your Custom Themes
Administer › Site building > Themes

Enable the Your Custom Themes Screenshot

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