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Mollom “Anti-Spam” Module For Spam Free Drupal Website

Mollom “Anti-Spam” Module For Spam Free Drupal Website

Posted On : April 1, 2013

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It’s not always easy to maintain highly trafficked Drupal website that has tons of daily visitors leaving lots of spam. Especially it becomes complicated when you have to administrate a website that involves interacting with your community of members, like in a blog, articles or forum. To encourage interaction, you need to respond to user comments knowing that 80% of comments are spam.

In such a course of time you may fully depend on anti-spam modules like Mollom to prevent the rate of spam in your Drupal site.

What’s Mollom Module for Drupal Website?

If you are a website owner, I sure you will truly understand the need of anti spam module and extensions to secure your data and submitted posts. But what’s the role Mollom as an Anti-Spam module?

With the help of Mollom modules, you can fight-off spamming and not only increase the productivity of your website but can also avoid harvesting of e-mail addresses and bring to a halt to automated posts and comments. Drupal is widely used for complex websites; hence it demands powerful and effective anti-spam module like Mollom for safety of data and submitted post.

At iFuturz, our developer for Drupal CMS concluded, Mollom to be the most intelligent and effective anti spam module available across the web for Drupal. Drupal programmer believe it to be less as a module and more as a proactive content moderator, as it works around the clock with the proven efficiency of almost 100%.

It thoroughly oversees content activity to investigate the issues correlated to spam. Not like other anti spam modules, it scrutinizes the past and the present, it means it ensures the posted content and also keeps a close eye on the previous posted content.

What Mollom can do for my website?

It follows a simple anti-spam strategy. It will verify form submissions, if it finds something is SPAM then it will prompt the submitter to complete a CAPTCHA. Mollom is a one stop solution for all spam crises and can look after the following Drupal forms. It provides and cleverly merges:

CAPTCHAs — both audio and image

  • Text analysis
  • User reputations (on bases of past and present)

It can also:

  • Block comment form spam
  • Block contact form spam
  • Protect the user registration form against fake user accounts
  • Protect the password request form
  • Block spam on any nodule form, like articles, pages, forum topics, stories, pages etc.

It can be integrated with Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, and for that all you need is to consult CMS Development Company with qualified team of developers. It easily synchronizes with all the third party and custom modules without affecting their core functionality. For information contact us at any point of time.