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Why Drupal is a great choice for small, mid-sized and Large Businesses

Why Drupal is a great choice for small, mid-sized and Large Businesses

Posted On : July 30, 2013

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Drupal Web Development

Drupal has been continuously evolving since its existence and is being used by more than 20 percent of the top 10000 sites. It has become a major platform for serious projects and has been adopted by today’s companies of any size and of any sector to build their web presence. One great example of a large scale project is the White House website powered by Drupal which gets hundreds, thousands or may be more visitors any day. From the House of Representatives in the US to several defence agencies, the use of Drupal is accelerating.

What makes Drupal a great choice

In the beginning I mentioned about Drupal being for serious projects. The CMS is not meant for just high traffic websites but for websites that are built to transform themselves into business and are ready for future growth with the integration of new features.

With the increasing popularity of Drupal, many governmental agencies, universities and eCommerce based enterprise websites prefer this powerful and functional system. Why is it so? Let’s check out some of its interesting characteristics.

Low Development Cost

As Drupal is free and open source software, you are not charged for license, recurring cost or anything else. This enables you to easily and quickly create your website at very low cost and even add some important features to make it more powerful.


Drupal can fit into Business of any size to successfully meet the needs and requirements. It also has the ability to create any type of content, to build pressroom of articles, customer database and product reviews with no modifications in the coding.


You may be a small business now but aiming for big? Drupal can easily do it for you and at the same time can grow with you. There are thousands of large scale enterprises that use Drupal like White House, Economist, Examiner, McDonalds and the list goes on and on.


Sites developed in Drupal are more secure than the bars in prison. The built-in security of Drupal is just amazing as it instantly locks down whatever directory it is installed in by which there is not direct access to individual files and configuration files.


Drupal alone can never do things all by itself. Its extendability features are called modules that add the functionality you want to your site. Each module serves a purpose like forums, slideshows, blogs, event calendars, e-commerce stores, picture, and video galleries and if the module you want doesn’t exist, you can modify an existing one or create a new one to suit your requirement as Drupal is open source.

Mobile Compatibility

Drupal does an excellent job in this multi-device world. An HTML 5 module changes the Drupal output to HTML 5 and there are other web services modules which help you develop mobile apps that can run on the phone

“These are the main reasons why Drupal Development is very affordable.”

Drupal is widespread and well supported

You will find a lot of big brand companies, movie-stars and celebrities, non-profits and other organizations that use Drupal and with Drupal 7 into existence, the inclusion of highly improved usability for site administrators makes it more powerful than ever.

Drupal is a very active online community. Businesses opting Drupal do not require dependency on the original developers. You can choose any one of the plethora of fantastic development and design companies like iFuturz for custom web development solutions.

Beyond Drupal development we also offer Drupal support and maintenance services. This means that after the development and launching of your site, our task isn’t finish. We help you learn how to use a created website and also offer 24 x 7 support to help your website run smoothly.