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How to applying SQL patches in X-cart

How to applying SQL patches in X-cart

Posted On : November 9, 2013

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X-Cart is allows to apply SQL patches using the Admin area of your store.

You must login in admin user.
Go to Main Menu: Tools -> Patch/Upgrade

You will be seen Sql patches section in Patch/Upgrade section area.

To apply an SQL patch:

You must follow below steps

1) Back up your store

2) In the ‘Apply SQL patch’ form select your file by clicking the Browse button. You can enter the patch URL. To start applying the patch, click the Apply button.

3) The text of the patch will be shown to you in the ‘Patch text’ field.

4) Click on Apply patch to continue. The results of patching your database will be shown to you.

5) If no errors occurred, click Finish.

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