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How to Create your own custom template in your ZenCart store ?

How to Create your own custom template in your ZenCart store ?

Posted On : August 31, 2013

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This article describe how can you create your own custom template in your zencart website by following simple steps.

First open the includes/templates/ directory and create a new folder in there. Give it template name you like. Always use short name for it and do not use space  in template name use underscore instead of It. For example we have created a new folder named new_template.

Now,you need to place the css directory in your  includes/templates/new_template/ directory so pick it up from the includes/templates/template_default/css directory and put it in to the new_template folder.

Next create an new folder inside your includes/templates/new_template/ directory. Give it name images so now you have directory look like includes/templates/new_template/ images/.

Now you have create three new folders common, sideboxes and templates in your includes/templates/new_template directory/.

Next copy the template_info.php file from includes/templates/template_default/ directory and place it inside the includes/templates/new_template/ directory.

Now open the template_info.php can see the following code inside the file.

  $template_name =  'Default Template';
  $template_version =  'Version 1.0';
  $template_author =  'Zen Cart Team (c) 2003';
  $template_description  = 'This template set is designed to be easily modified using only the style  sheet to change colors, fonts, and the store logo. Three images are required;  logo.jpg, header_bg.jpg, and tile_back.jpg.';
  $template_screenshot =  'scr_template_default.jpg';

Change the template name , template description, template author can also change template screenshot if you have it or just leave it blank.

You are finished now. You have following directory inside new_template folder.




templates/new_template/ sideboxes

templates/new_template/ templates

templates/new_template/ template_info.php

Next upload your new_template directory on the server and enable it using admin panel.

Login in your zencart store admin panel and go to tools->template section in the top menu . now click on edit button and select new_template and click on update button .

That’s it your new template is enabled now and ready to use and customization.

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