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Why Zend Framework is so popular among PHP Developers for website development?

Why Zend Framework is so popular among PHP Developers for website development?

Posted On : August 7, 2013


PHP developers are continuously being updated with frameworks. Among the various frameworks, Zend is being considered by most PHP developers. Here’s why Zend framework is gaining popularity and, why even you should be using it for business website development.

Layout: Well Explained

When using this framework, you are actually dealing with a very logical and well laid out architecture. You would see that at no point are you confused about how to use or where to go. The layout will direct you at every point.

A Perfect Guide

When you start developing using Zend framework, you would realize that you are being guided in the most perfect manner. The guide does not help you with just the modules but also with the class naming, coding and Plugins. Isn’t this simply amazing help

Coding & Naming

From a professional aspect, you are following the PEAR of coding and naming. It might take some time to understand but, at the end you have a concise, clear and mature level of coding assigned.

Testing Units

You have been given the liberty to build test projects with this framework. Though the use of PHP unit, you can build a variety of test projects on this framework.

Documentation Always Handy

You are given access to the Zend framework manual where you would see a whole lot of content on API. Of course, you have to bear in mind that the content may not be the right one always. But, still you are exposed to everything you wish to know about API.

Developer’s Support

You have an access to developers working in the same framework through the #freenode channel. You have a community of developers to whom you can go and seek answers to your questions. This is a great tool for PHP developers

Framework keeps Developing

The best part of this framework is that it is continuously being developed. You would see newer and better versions coming up all the while

Bug Resolution

For this framework, there is a Jira bug manager that helps resolve all the possible bugs that might affect the development.

Plugins Architecture

When you need to access certain library extensions onto your existing project, you just need to plug them in by inserting their extensions. It is as simple as that.

Integrate Libraries

You can integrate the various libraries with your projects whenever you wish to. You just need to interact with these libraries.

With its various uses and advantages, Zend Framework Development comes across as one of the best framework for PHP Developers. If you have any questions about creating your website using Zend, you can directly contact the experts.



  • hello admin, I liked your article as it was quite informative, but i have a question. what is the cost of developing in zend framework and is it cost effective too?

    shirley reed

    • “Hello Shirley,
      Thankyou for appreciating our work. There are two methods of calculating the cost.
      First one is fixed price method where cost is determined on basis of complexity of your project
      and second one is hourly basis method where you have to pay per hour to developer who works dedicated on your project. “