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Newest Trends in iPhone and iOS Development

Newest Trends in iPhone and iOS Development

Posted On : October 17, 2011

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Mobile developers have been interested in creating iPhone Apps as public-friendly as possible. With the recent release of the iPhone 4S, the number of apps have acquired a new high and the overall interest has increased manifold.

According to the analytics software firm Pinch Media, statistics related to Phone app usage said that about 20% use a free app after they download it while less than 5% continue to use it even after a month. The paid apps are about less than 5% of the usage especially on the first day.

But since Apple’s App Store has got bigger and bigger, the usage of a particular app is bound to get less and less since there are many more coming out in the App store.

The apps seldom add to the company’s bottom line directly. iPhone Application Development has made the growth possible due to offshore operations which are cost-effective to say the least!

There are also many iPhone Game Apps which are strictly for adults. The graphics used are fantastic and superb in each of the apps while the oleophobic coating assists users to browse and play the games easily. The apps are of different types and belong to different domains including business, games, news, weather and even augmented reality. The office people will even find Office Suite app for their company needs too. There are many companies who are actually working on the best apps and always extending them for better functionalities.

Social Networking Apps are also in great demand as most people have gone crazy about being in touch with others, especially friends and relatives. There are niche sites too but the most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social sites which are integrated in smart phones and useful for chats while on the go.