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How to use the Joomla 2.5.x Language Overrides Tool

How to use the Joomla 2.5.x Language Overrides Tool

Posted On : August 23, 2013


Joomla includes a new feature called Language Overrides that allows you to easily change these constants. For example, in your site’s breadcrumb trail, it by default says, “You are here”, and then prints the breadcrumb trail. “You are here” is actually a language constant, and in this tutorial we’ll show you how to change the value of that constant in the event you don’t want it to show or you want to change its value.

To use the Joomla 2.5.x Language Override tool:

Step1:- First login into your joomla Dashboard

Step 2:- In the top menu, hover over Extensions and click Language Manager.

Step 3:- Click the Overrides Tab and then click New

Step 4:- Under Search text you want to change, type in the text you want to edit. Ensure Value is selected, and then click Search. In our Example, we typed in You are here. In the search results, click on MOD_BREADCRUMBS_HERE, as this is the value we want to change.

Step 5:- Under Create a New Override, update the text to reflect what you want it to read. In our situation, we don’t want the text to display at all, so we will delete all of the text.

Step 6:- Click Save & Close in the top right menu.

If you followed the exact steps above, the “You are here:” text in the breadcrumb trail will no longer show.

Before Our language override

After Our language override

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