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Amtrak employs iPhone Application Development as Ticket Scanner

Amtrak employs iPhone Application Development as Ticket Scanner

Posted On : August 2, 2012

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Amtrak, the government-owned company that manages railroad services in US, has made a firm determination to use the iPhone Development as a rail service tool and to accomplish this mission the conductors are being trained since November to avail the Apple handsets as an electronic ticket scanner as reported by the NEW YORK TIMES. By now more than 1,500 conductors are using the devices on Amtrak trains on a few selected routes. The iOS devices contain an extra battery and a barcode scanner along with an app that aids in scanning & also displays special conditions as for a disabled person to coordinate a wheelchair lift at a particular destination. The app also enables the conductors to report mechanical failures of the train.

iPhone ticket ScannerWith the new system coming into existence and the most important fact about using the iPhone Application Development as a service tool is that the new iPhone powered system allows the once so called hole punchers to monitor check-in in real time, ridership stat visualization and instant fraud validation as well. Matt Hardison who is the Chief of Sales distribution at Amtrak said that it is not even required to carry the print of the ticket along with you. The passenger just need to load a special bar code on his or her Smartphone by which the conductor would scan the code accordingly and can keep a track of the total number of passengers on board. The Amtrak’s app is currently available only on iPhone.

There are many organizations like Amtrak who have realized the importance of availing the smartphones and various other applications that include streamlining operators and improvising services. Reports also say that iPads have replaced flight manuals that now help the pilot to know any particular aspect during the flight. Even many police departments are using iPhone to recognize a potential suspect. It has also become handy in the Medical field to keep record of patient’s detailed information and X-ray Charts. So it’s just not the pilots, the cops and the doctors who are updating their workflow with the modern technology.

With so many organizations understanding the importance of using the iPhone Application Development and iPads for streamlining processes, it’s not shocking to the world that railway could have not lag behind too. The passengers can take a lot of advantage of the digitized check-in process that was long overdue in an era when online flight booking and other online bookings became so popular. The iphone developers are now creating tailored iphone development applications that produce satisfactory results in response to the specific requirements of different industries. With no doubts, this system is a sigh of relief to every passenger due to easy booking services and making modifications in the existing reservation.