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eCommerce Trends To Shape and Boost Your Business in 2013

eCommerce Trends To Shape and Boost Your Business in 2013

Posted On : April 30, 2013


HTML5 Mobile App DesignHTML5 is a trending language used for coding and presenting content for the World Wide Web. It has already stormed the market of web and game development, and as result of which majority of developers now choose to work with HTML5 instead of other churned-out development platforms.

2013 – A Year That Belongs TO HTML5

A Global Developer Survey conducted over 5000 developers concluded that half of them developed apps using HTML5 and 90% are planning to do so in 2013. 51% developers working for small and medium business, 29% working for startups and 20% for enterprises admitted that they are already interested in HTML5 and will develop HTML5 applications in 2013.

Because of its ability to present web content in most dynamic way by integrating elements such as canvas, video and audio, it is highly in fashion among consumes too. HTML5 can be easily integrated with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) content and MathML for mathematical formulas.

It has tons of pros, but actual question arises that does your business and you need a website developed using HTML5? Here are the reasons why you must use HTML5 for your business?

Make Your Business Future Ready with HTML5!

HTML5 is the future of the web, so adopt it for your business right now. Big names across the web such as Financial Times shifted its web platform to HTML5. Another name who adopted HTML5 is Ecommerce Giant Amazon. It has immense potential for all types of business. Major browser (Chrome, IE, Opera and Chrome) now shows support for HTML5.

Makes Your Business Responsive

Days are changing and the lines between desktops and mobile devices are increasingly getting blurred. With the arrival of HTML5, concept of responsive website that stayed at the periphery of web development has entered the main stream.

Flexible Responsive Website for your Business

Decision of developing responsive websites for businesses is in favor of marketers, as with a single onetime investment, marketers can serve wide variety of screens with different resolutions. Owning a responsive website is way by which you can save thousands of dollars.

Dominate Mobile World with HTML5

As mobile devices are everywhere, HTML5 makes sense for mobile. A research concluded that in year 2013, more than one million HTML5-capable mobile handsets will be sold and till 2016, more than 2.1 billion mobile devices with HTML5 browsers will be sold. If your want all this opportunities for your business, then HTML5 based web and mobile solutions are must.

Smarter Storage

HTML5 Web StorageOne of the coolest things about HTML5 is the local storage feature. It’s better than cookies because it allows for storage across multiple windows, it has better security and performance and data will persist even after the browser is closed. Because it’s essentially a client side data base you don’t have to worry about the user deleting cookies and it is been adopted by all the popular browsers.

Amazing Support for Multimedia Content

Flash Player and extensions for multimedia content are outdated now. Getting your multimedia to play correctly has always been pretty much a nightmare, but not anymore. With HTML5, integrating media content is no more nasty or chunky task.

Varieties Of Apps are Build on HTML5

Apps are like life giving blood for businesses dominated by smartphones. A survey clearly emphasized that HTML5 is highly used in creation of productivity apps (54%) and utility apps (38%). Here’s the list of apps developed using HTML5,

HTML5 Mobile App DesignThere’s still more than can be written on favor and praise of HTML5 but, for general understanding above mentioned reasons are enough. If you still want to know about how HTML5 Development can boost your business, Go Here to Hire HTML5 Developer.



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