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Looking For Reasons, Why to Choose Cakephp, Here Are Few

Looking For Reasons, Why to Choose Cakephp, Here Are Few

Posted On : June 18, 2013

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CakePHP – Highly Searched Framework in Google

Since the day of its release, CakePHP got a lot of attention from marketers and developers when it comes for custom web development, eCommerce Solutions or portals development. Developers love it because it helps them to deploy project in limited time frame by reusing of same code. It helps them to do almost anything client asks them for.

Marketers opt for it because of numerous features it provides out of the box. If you are a new comer and want to explore best framework then CakePHP is the best option available.

Why CakePHP?

Dedicated Resource of Developers: You get an easy access to large pool of dedicated resource. All the developers for CakePHP are brilliant at their skills and communication ability. Proven track record of creating landmark project makes them more eligible candidate for your project.

Frequent Version Updates: Many monolithic releases have already decorated the shelf. Recently CakePHP 2.3.5 was released with security fix and many new features that have stimulated developer follow trends more intimately than before. Let’s see, what 3.X version will bring for developers and marketers.

Amazing Server Compatibility: It has amazing server compatibility. Latest 2.3.5 edition of CakePHP is released with increased compatibility with old CentOS servers. Now you can run your application in almost any server around the globe. It runs in PHP 5.X Series additionally you get SEO friendly URLs.

CakePHP Documentation: It has highly organized documentation and still busy in updating the same. It has screen shots that new comers will find helpful. Thanks to strong and lively community for quick response to any queries.

Model Layer: Model layer in CakePHP is based on arrays and arrays have been uncrowned king in PHP.

Enduring Support: CakePHP Development has spine of pretty robust community. At Bakery, users can contribute and submit blogs, useful tricks, code snippets etc. You also have option of Google Group and IRC channel at the time of emergency.

CakePHP Framework allows developers and programmers to achieve the same success even by writing fewer codes. It means developers have more time to plan everything, test it properly and guarantee success. Developers who once used CakePHP are huge fan of it and are determined to stick to it. Even in Google, CakePHP is highly searched framework than any other.



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