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How To Increase Value Of Backlinks – SEO Updates

How To Increase Value Of Backlinks  – SEO Updates

Posted On : June 28, 2013

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SEO Google UpdateIf you own a website than staying updated with latest SEO algorithms will directly help your website gain better ranking and reputation in search engines. Post penguin and panda updates, search engines such as Bing and Google came up with several new strategies to increase significance of your SEO efforts.

So being SEO professional or a website owner, how much do you know about Google’s Real Time Analytic and How Google Looks at backlinks to rank your website? If you don’t know the exact answer to questions, then fortunately you are at right nook of the web. Here, we’ll discuss both these points in details, so that your website doesn’t get disappear from search engines.

Let’s Begin with Google’s Real Time Analytic

Search engine optimizers around the globe would be aware of term Google Analytic, but very few of them would know about the release of Real Time Google Analytic. We always wonder about how many people visit our website, and real time feature of Google analytic allows us to track real time traffic to our websites. Lately in March and April 2013, Google made some modernizing updates to real-time reporting tools.

Why One Must Know

Years before the introduction of Social Networks, web traffic was slow and steady, but a drastic rise in traffic was observed after the proliferation of social media marketing. Marketing trends based on social media survives for shorter period of time and are soon replaced by next big thing. But before getting doused, they spread like wildfire and booms huge traffic towards respective websites.

By making use of real-time Google Analytic, you can easily capitalize on increasing traffic towards your website and cash it by offering limited time discount to your new visitors. It helps you monitor your advertising initiatives by implementing simple tracking code; so that you won’t’ miss out on any valuable data. You can also monitor the effect of your radio and television ads and watch your traffic explode during the run and after the advertisement.

It’s time to Explore, How Google Looks at Your Backlinks Today To Rank Your Site

There are many factors that Google takes into consideration before ranking any website. It has now planned to value link building; hence you must be aware about all the facets of game to play safe.

  • Total Number of Links: Quantity always mattes, and here too Google takes into account the number of backlinks to your website. But good one and that coming from websites with high page rank will have more weightage and value, compared to thousands of spammy and low quality links.
  • Different Source and Domain for Backlinks: Thousands of links from a single website will not really help. Number of domains and sources that links your website must be as many as possible because as per Google and other search engines link diversity is extremely important.
  • Anchor Text: Since the inception of SEO, anchor text has great significance. It helps webmasters to keep their link look natural and unique, so that someone can easily point out their website using targeted keyword.
  • Age Of Backlinks: Now the age of backlinks towards your website will be taken into consideration. Older links will have higher values and significance compared to newer links that your website will receive. Links from established and older websites will have more influence and impact over search engines.
  • Variation in Backlinks: Not only in terms of anchor text and source of links, but for better ranking in search engines variations are important in terms of image versus text, placement of them, and dofollow versus nofollow links.
  • Number of Quality Backlinks: Every search engines tend for quality and they thoroughly emphasize on quality backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks from websites having higher page rank will stand equivalent to thousands of links from spammy blogs. Hence, its better you focus and spend your time in generating quality links from old-age and highly trusted websites by Google and other search engines.
  • Relevancy of Backlinks: Along with quality, try to maintain relevancy of your backlinks. If you own a pet care business than links from car themed websites will have very little impact on search engines. Normally, try to stay in your niche.
  • Stay Away From Bad Links: Always evade bad links to your website as they can distract search engines and have a negative impact on your ranking and reputation. Avoid and limit the numbers of bad links to your website.
  • Velocity of Generating Backlinks: Generation of backlinks to your site must be natural and consistent. For example, if you have 10,000 links for the first month than it must not be 100 at the end of second month. You must schedule velocity curves of backlinks towards your website for every month.

Understanding latest SEO updates, one must start defining and implementing SEO strategies for 2013. Smart optimizers will never take search engines and its policies for granted and will honestly practice each of them. Email us for More SEO updates and do pen down your thoughts about SEO trends in 2013.