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How To Raise Search Engine Ranking For Your Business

How To Raise Search Engine Ranking For Your Business

Posted On : June 28, 2013

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On-Page SEO
Success of your website totally depends on how you grasp SEO updates and how you make use of them. If your want to hit bull’s eye for your website then you must be thoroughly aware what search wants and what can you offer after regular interval of time.

On page optimization and off page optimization both are equally important if you really want to harness the favor search engines for your website. Here we’ll discuss do’s and don’ts of SEO tactics (On-Site Strategies), so that you can avoid general mistakes and help your website rank high in Search Engines.

Do’s for On-Site Optimization

XML Sitemap – It’s an important element of On-Site optimization. Every website must have it so that engine bots can read all your web content pages at once. You can make use of tools like “XML Sitemap Generator” to generate your own.

Robots.txt – it’s an invisible file to your visitors but necessary as it communicates with search bots about what pages on site are still to be indexed.

Avoid 404 Error Pages – Try to avoid the 404 error page on your site. If it still persists occasionally, then it is advised that you customize it with your company logo, useful text or links towards relevant pages of your website. Don’t make it dead or generic end of your website as it may cause loss of traffic and negative impression on search engines.

Structure of URL – try to keep your website URL short and filled with flatter slugs. Later, index faster once the page is published. Limit URL within 100 characters with 3-5 slug’s per page. Avoid use of unnecessary words like “a” “the” and “in”.

Title of Page – Always remember, title must be concise and descriptive. In limited frame of words it must explain the content within the page. Length must be between 70 to 100 characters counting space.

Never Forget Heading – H1, H2 and H3 are vital part of on-site optimization. On the bases of your Headings, search bots will decode the content. Heading must contain key words of your content in somewhat brief manner.

Speed of Your Website – No one loves to visit a website that is slow and down not even search engines. Try to optimize speed of your website by chopping down heavy and useless files.

Meta Data and Rich Snippets – If your want visitors attention, then never dare to ignore the importance of Meta data and Rich Snippets.

Finally Some Common SEO Mistakes, Please Avoid Them.

According to Matt Cutts, webmasters makes following mistakes which must be avoided if they want to achieve good ranking in search engines. Avoid most common mistakes such as,

  • Website that is not crawlable
  • Lack of right keywords
  • Always don’t opt for link building, plan for interactive content
  • Never forget to write title and description
  • Always make use of resources offered by webmasters

Additionally, never try to fool search engines by manipulating your site to achieve higher ranking. Always follow ethical ways of SEO as many domains have been banned by search engines like Yahoo and Google. To make your website popular, you need to give time to decided and plan out your SEO strategies applicable to it.