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Ready and Safe To Use – WordPress 3.4.2 Released with Security Fixes

Ready and Safe To Use – WordPress 3.4.2 Released with Security Fixes

Posted On : November 28, 2012

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What one would have done in the absence of WordPress? Especially for bloggers, it’s honestly scary to imagine a blogging life without WordPress.
WordPress is a proud owner of most respected and sophisticated history on the web, when it comes to an ideal platform for blogging. Not only for blogging, today it plays an efficient role in developing websites for various needs such as eCommerce, social networking, business websites and lots more, with features that can be out of one’s imaginations.

WordPress 3.4.2 Security and Maintenance Update Released

Well recently, that is on 6th of September 2012, WordPress developer community released a security and maintenance update to their open source platform closing some important security punctures. WordPress 3.4.2 is released with two privilege escalation vulnerabilities and ready to serve the needy.

Within the 3 months of release, WordPress 3.4 marked high on milestone with more than 15 million downloads by global users, which raised some bugs and security concerns that were troubling the people. The errors have been fixed quite rightly by the WordPress team and everyone can enjoy their blogging life better.

What’s New in WordPress 3.4.2

In the WordPress version 3.4.2, more than 20 bugs are fixed counting an improved support for older browsers in the administration area and superior plugin compatibility with the visual editor.

Some fixes were:

  • Fix some issues with older browsers in the administration area.
  • Fix an issue where a theme may not preview correctly, or its screenshot may not be displayed.
  • Improve plugin compatibility with the visual editor.
  • Address pagination problems with some category permalink structures.
  • Fix possible privilege escalation in the Atom Publishing Protocol endpoint.
  • Avoid errors with both Embed providers and trackbacks.
  • Fix unfiltered HTML capabilities in multisite.
  • Prevent improperly sized header images from being uploaded.

Further information with full list of fixes can be viewed at official website. It’s a kind of mandatory release and existing users can upgrade using the built-in update functionality. To update your existing WordPress blog or to start with new WordPress project, you can contact WordPress Development Company, iFuturz that offers development services at affordable price followed by honest communication.

If you feel unsure of updating, you can drop an email at and our representative at iFuturz will help you with your updates. If something went wrong during the update, do let us know as we would love to help you.

Remember, security breaches are always costly!

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