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Remove Default WordPress Uncategorized Category

Remove Default WordPress Uncategorized Category

Posted On : September 3, 2013

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Some times in our wordpress website we need to display all used categories but there is one default category always name “uncategorized” and any default category we cannot removed from the website, so to delete that category we have to make another category as a default category so here are the following steps that can delete your website default category if that is of no use.

The Steps are given below for removing an uncategorized category in wordpress site

Step:-1 At backend of wordpress you need to go to Posts >> Categories and add new category.

Step:-2 Go to Settings – & then click on Writing Option.

Step:-3 Scroll down until you find: “Default Post Category”, and choose the new category you created.

Step:-4 Save it

Step:-5 Now Go to Posts and click on Categories and there you will find the options to delete the uncategorized(default category) category

From this post you can make any category of your default category in your wordpress website.

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