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An Insight Into The Behavior Of Website Visitors Through Colors

An Insight Into The Behavior Of Website Visitors Through Colors

Posted On : February 11, 2015

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In this, fast-paced and tech savvy world, we come across a variety of news, informative articles, blogs and updates talking about “marketing online”, be it on a website or mobile. People are fascinated towards newfangled updates, helping them out in the best way.

Recently, our proficient team of website designers did a strong research on the Behavior of website visitors through colors“, which is one of the factors of web design solutions. And what emerged out was, interesting facts involved to explore picky websites!

The question is who will not like to have an adorable website well embellished with decent colors, patterns, attractive images, beautiful layout, good typography and high-quality visuals! Usually, people roll their eyes on the colors of websites that have exciting elements sleeved in!

Here a few examples of social media websites that have always been a part of our lives! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn comprise of color palates like blue –white (primary colors), still the overall look appears to be attractive enough to grab our attention.

Know How an Elegant and Well-Colored Website Attracts Visitors

A Fine Blend Of Colors & Patterns

Spot on graphic design folks! If colors are not decent enough to grab customers’ attention, then you actually lose them forever. Use patterns according to colors’ scheme as the combination should be relevant to the website theme and subject. Colors in some or the other way help your website look more appealing!

Key Reason To Have Relevant Yet Well Colored Images

Images with relevant color combination depict the whole idea of your website, don’t they? The next element is to create or choose relevant images that add emphasis to a message or as backdrops to texts/colors/content posts. Ensure you use a camera of high-quality resolution, so that images clicked have a great quality! Explore apps like Photoshop and others, or you can even go for Instagram to filter the standards of images. Have that “birds’ eye view” for the display of colors!

Choose Specific Layout With Decent Colors

Another element to enhance your website in a better way is to use consistent and specific layout for visuals keeping mind the decent color shades. A well managed color-layout helps determine the subject line of your website. Viewers will easily get an idea about your website if the website layout is practical yet artistic. Key concept of having colored layout should match the multimedia design of website. So, you should prefer a layout that is “Perfect” all the time.

High-Quality Visuals Followed By Colors To Grab Attention

As per the study about the power of visuals have in communication, a website should have high quality visuals and colors so that, they can grab the attention of readers or viewers. Visuals should be of high-quality and compelling! So, using high quality visuals with prominent colors is easy and affordable solution.

Which color pattern have you chosen for your website? And Why?

Please chip in further. Let’s discuss tactics for the colors and behavior of websites, which can eventually help your business, be a “Brand”!