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How Complexity Reduces with Magento Product Page Checkout Extension?

How Complexity Reduces with Magento Product Page Checkout Extension?

Posted On : February 18, 2015

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Looking for a competent way to boost your Magento store conversion rate?

You would agree to the fact that the checkout process is one of the most complicated, yet decisive phase of any eCommerce portal. If your eStore’s checkout process includes many steps and form elements that are tiring, perplexing and baffling, then you are sure to add fuel to fire and increase the abandonment rate.

Did you know that the average abandoned cart rate is more than 66%.

Huh! That’s too much.

To put an end to this glitch of losing customers and sales, one of very concrete Ecommerce Solutions would be installing eCommerce Extension for Product Page Checkout. As the checkout process is extremely imperative for your business and you cannot compromise with that. Isn’t it?

Why Product Page checkout extension helps in growing sales?

A lot of customers abandon online shopping mostly at the checkout page, just because of wheels within wheels process. Not to worry, this problem can be solved with the use of Product step checkout extension. Now every checkout information such as, Billing address, shipping and payment method will be showed together for customers to feed in right information. This will astonish you with substantial rise in your store’s sales conversion rate after integrating Magento Product Step Checkout Extension!

You must know

What are the Features of Magento Product Page Checkout Extension?

  • This extension would appear with the “Pay Now” button on cart page and on product detail page.
  • The criteria to display this button are that user must be logged in and should have placed at least one order to the site previously.
  • An order can be placed from cart page by user.
  • Also, user can add to cart and place an order from the product detail page.
  • Multiple steps to fill the billing & shipping information, payment method, shipping method is demonstrated in one pop up, so user need not to process multiple times.

Last but not the least; it is incredible feature which you must-know that Magento Product Page Checkout supports most popular payment and shipping modules. Now you get paid much quicker & easier with diverse widely known International Payment Methods. Hence, you can be quite confident that Magento Product Step Checkout Extension can work flawlessly in any eshop of any country.

What are the Major benefits of Magento Product Page Checkout?

  • Uplifts store conversion rate
  • Enhances customer user experience
  • Streamlines checkout price

Therefore, it is advisable to the eCommerce website owners to make a smart move by espousing Extension like Magento Product Page Checkout, developed by pro Magento Extension Developer to bolster any ebusiness. This undoubtedly will assist your customers loiter less time while placing an order, which would ultimately give them less time to change their mind about the buying decision. This Extension Development in Magento pertaining to Product Page Checkout allows you to simplify the checkout and club it with the Shopping Cart step for improved user experience and higher conversion rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Get installed the Magento Product Page Checkout Extension and make the highest sales record ever. Otherwise, you can even choose to create your own Custom Magento Extension to reap profits. Choice is yours!