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Blocking Spam Comments on Your Drupal Site

Blocking Spam Comments on Your Drupal Site

Posted On : August 17, 2013


if your site is new,and you remove the spam content in your sites that time use Drupa Mollom Modules.

In Drupa Mollom Modules are available.
A module created by Drupal’s founder. It automatically filters out spammers who try to register.

Install Mollom Module to Your Drupal Site

Step 1: Download the latest version of “Mollom” Modules in below sites.
URL: –
Step 2: Extract the files into below directory.
Directory: – sites/all/modules
Step 3: Go to Administer >> Modules >> Administration menu and check the box.
Step 4: Go to Administer >> Site building >> Modules. Check the box next to “Mollom” and click Save Configuration.
Setting Up and Enabling Mollom

Step 5: Go to and create an account.
Step 6: Once you have logged in to, click “Manage sites” in the upper right menu.
Step 7: Select “Add subscription” to create a new key pair for your website (or “edit subscription” to access a subscription for an existing site tied to your account).
Step 8: Go back to your Drupal site and visit Administer >> Site configuration >> Mollom.
Step 9: Enter the key pair that you created in Step 8.

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  • thanks for information of remove to spam content in drupal website. i watching your blog past month very nice information.

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  • Nice…All the steps are cleared and well defined. Nice to read it.
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    Yogesh Bhardwaj

    • Thank You Yogesh Bhardwaj for the appreciation. Let us know if you need any further assistance.