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Why Symfony is the Most Favourable Framework for Web Application Development

Why Symfony is the Most Favourable Framework for Web Application Development

Posted On : August 14, 2013

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Symfony Web application Development

There are millions of web application developers and, each one uses a separate PHP framework to ease their development tasks. With the markets flooded with PHP framework, it is becoming truly difficult to choose a single framework. Each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages which ease out various tasks of the developer. Among these several frameworks are Zend, Yii, Symfony etc. With the growing popularity of Symfony framework, it has become essential for the developers to understand what is so special about this framework.

Without getting too deep, the first advantage that symphony framework provides is quick creation and maintenance of websites. So, the developers need not worry about them and, instead can focus on using the application to the fullest. A framework that gives its developers full control on the configuration thus allowing them to create an application that can be used over an enterprise, Symfony gives full access to the developers.

Conditions for Installation

Your PC should have a running OS: Linux, MAC, Windows or FreeBSD. It should also have a web server that runs on PHP5. It is also compatible with RDBMS but, certainly not with PHP4. So, be sure your PC fulfils these basic conditions before you start off with the development process.

Meant for Business

This is interesting to understand. Most businesses need a system that is easy to configure and ready to use. PHP’s symphony framework matches their needs in the best possible way. It just needs a PHP5 server and, nothing more than that. With its simple requirements, it is the best framework for businesses. Plus the suitability over an enterprise is something that businesses love to enjoy.

Ease for Developers

Coding is easy on this platform. With an object oriented coding and, reusability factor associated to it, coding on this platform is a piece of cake for developers. As mentioned this framework can be configured easily thus giving ease of work to developers. There are various tools that come handy to the developer for creating and managing the projects on this framework. Plugins are the best part of Symfony framework. There is advanced cache system too wherein part or whole of the pages can be cached in.

Go For it!!

We can help you build your enterprise using the Symfony Web Development tools.

If you ever wish to create a brilliant web application using this framework, you can drop in your requirements or else you can instantly Call us for a complete discussion about your project.



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