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How To Create HTML5 Based Responsive Photo Galleries In Drupal

How To Create HTML5  Based Responsive Photo Galleries In Drupal

Posted On : May 16, 2013

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Images Holds Visitors and Force them to Visit Back

Drupal Juicebox ModuleBecause of its prospective to hold visitors for longer period of time, images are used as a tool to decorate and charm websites, blogs and portfolios. Abide to this fact, you will hardly find a website across the net without image gallery functionality or image module.

On the other hand rise of mobile, tablets and phablets market with different screen size also made it essential for website owners to think about image gallery modules that are responsive and equally interactive. For end-users, it’s always complex and complicated to press the tiny view button for a non-responsive image gallery especially when they are using a mobile device.

HTML5 based Responsive Image Gallery for Your Drupal Website

HTML5 Juicebox ModuleBut as every problem has its own solution, here a good news for everyone who want to embed stunning image galleries, that too with responsive characteristic, in their Drupal website. You don’t have to look any further than Juicebox. Juicebox is a bendable and amazingly easy-to-use HTML5 responsive image gallery module to embed images in your Drupal website.

The Juicebox library is available in two versions: the free Lite version and the fully-featured Pro version. Both of these versions allow you to construct HTML5 responsive image galleries on your website.

Something You Must Know about Juicebox Library:

  • Based in HTML5
  • Powered by lightweight JavaScript library
  • Run on any device with any OS
  • Fully responsive galleries to adopt itself with different screen size
  • Intuitive image navigation via mouse, touch and keyboard
  • Easy to embed with Drupal
  • jQuery compatible
  • Unlimited images with social sharing option

How can We Help You?

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Responsive Juicebox Photo GalaryWe don’t limit our self to module integration services, but love to challenge our own horizons for services like custom Drupal module development, responsive web development, Drupal mobile module development and Drupal HTML5 design.

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  • juicebox is the powerful HTML5 features for adding photo gallaries in website easpecially in Drupal based website. As Drupal is the powerful CMS for developing an e-commerce and big website. So there is need photo gallaries in website to make it more attractive.

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