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Experts Says “HTML5’s Low Performance Issues are Totally Rubbish”

Experts Says “HTML5’s Low Performance Issues are Totally Rubbish”

Posted On : May 21, 2013

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HTML 5 Web DevelopmentWhen it comes to mobile apps, performance is always an ongoing issue for HTML5. This fifth member of HTML family is well known for displaying rich and dynamic multimedia content, and has certainly foster the revolution for better look with enhanced functionality. People are heard making claims that this cross platform technology has been bugging for a while now.

Low Performance Issues are Annoying HTML5 Fans

Highly annoyed due to low performance claims, W3C AC representative Paul Bakaus called HTML5 low performance issues are rubbish. In his blog post, he showed his favor for HTML5 and strongly replied to those within the industry who want to dismiss the technology as it doesn’t run well in older kit.

HTML 5 & CSS 3 DevelopmentBakaus tried to draw the attention towards the merits of HTML5 and other superficial performance. Defending HTML5, he further added that PS3 Games don’t run on a PlayStation 1 and latest PC games will not perform on a decade old PC or smartphones. He also said, “HTML5 must have a huge performance issue, due to the fact that the crazy game prototype your intern has been building doesn’t run on my three-year old Android phone”

Financial Times Favor HTML5

Financial Time HTML 5Along with Paul Bakaus, Financial Times also plunged into the stream to support HTML5 and defend it on the war front over performance issue. Two years back, Financial Times launched its HTML5 web app which was re-launched in early of April 2013 with some more attractions such as stripped-down design, more multimedia content and lots more. In an interview, Financial Times director Rob Grimshaw said, “That prediction made in 2011 now looks incredibly conservative really. 34% of our traffic overall is coming on mobile devices, and for subscribers it’s rather higher. The investment and time we have put into HTML5 mobile solutions are really paying off.”

Grimshaw proudly says the policy is proving a success. “I challenge anyone to tell the difference between our HTML5 app and a native app. There is no drawback to working in HTML5, and there are lots of advantages,” he added.

Participate in M-Commerce With HTML5

HTML 5 Responsive Web DesignBecause of its responsive characteristic and cross browser compatibility, HTML5 developers are designing websites that perform better on smartphones of different screen sizes and resolutions. Increased numbers of smartphones has led the m-commerce revolutions and many businesses have reported good traffic on their mobile sites. HTML5 helps business owners to develop highly optimized mobile website so that they can have their piece of cake in m-commerce revolution.

HTML 5 Development ServicesTo promote HTML5 as an ideal platform for apps and games development, On May 26, an HTML5 Gaming Workshop will be held in Vancouver. Conference will cover the points such as how to develop HTML5 games, HTML5 game component, how to migrate them to Windows 8 and how to monetize opportunities with 60 million end users. Anyone can attain the workshop but have to pay one time charity of $10.

HTML5 is an undisputed king of web and in coming future will truly conquer every facet of web. Pen down your comment and let’s see what you have to say about HTML5 Development.