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Google introduces to the World ChromeBook Pixel carrying a Stunning 12.85 inch Touchscreen

Google introduces to the World ChromeBook Pixel carrying a Stunning 12.85 inch Touchscreen

Posted On : February 23, 2013

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Google is the World’s Biggest Internet Company and after providing its loyal services to leading high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media companies like Samsung, Lenovo, HP and Acer that release many Chrome Book at economic rates ranging between $200 and $450, it now brings into action a stunning Touchscreen laptop, Chrome Book Pixel.

It’s all about the Touch and Feel

The Pixel works on Chrome Operating system. The Sr. Vice President of Chrome, Sundar Pichai at a press Conference in San Francis yesterday mentioned that Chrome Book is premium designed for power users that spend money on their laptops and the purpose behind it is to make the pixels disappear providing the users a whole new web Experience.

Touching Features of Google Chrome Book Pixel:

  • 12.85-inch screen

  • 2560 x 1700 High Pixel
    Density with 239 pixels per inch
  • Wi-Fi Model offers 32 GB Storage Capacity
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • An Aspect Ratio of 3:2 photographic format
  • Viewing Angle of 178 degree
  • 400 nit brightness

The touch screen is made up of scratch and damage resistant Gorilla Glass. The touch pad is made of etched glass which is mainly designed for accurate finger moments. It also has a backlit keyboard which automatically dims according to the brightness of the room and what’s on the screen of the laptop. The menus are now big and it’s now easier for the fingers to click on. The piano hinge allows the user to open the laptop with one finger and it is designed to cool the laptop by absorbing excessive heat and finally a lightbar with glowing Google colors added at the back of the laptop gives a cool look

The Race of Technology Continues

If we compare Chromebook with Macbook Air, Google wins the race as it has a higher resolution and a touch screen which Apple does not offer on a 12-inch device and it coincidently happened that there was a price drop of $100 in the MacBook Air market, but Apple will surely not be quiet and will come up with another iDevice invention to strengthen its dignity. Keeping aside the rivalries, Google along with Facebook that launched its third pillar few weeks back have joined forces to launch the most lucrative science prize in history which would be bigger than “Nobel Prize“.

The LTE version that has 64GB solid-state drive will soon be available in the U.S in April. Meanwhile, the cost of the Wi-Fi Model of Pixel is $ 1299 which definitely puts itself in a premium category. This stunning device is available in U.S and U.K and will soon be available in the rest of the world but the mystery remains unseen how the market reacts to it.