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Are You Ready For Vine’s Challenge Of Unexpected Video?

Are You Ready For Vine’s Challenge Of Unexpected Video?

Posted On : May 25, 2013

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Twitter VineAfter the tweets, twitter came back into action with the release of its new video sharing app “Vine” which lets end-users to record single shot and multi-shot six second videos. With Vine you can capture moments of your life and share it over twitter and allow your followers to see and like it.

Join the Vine’s Six Second Unexpected Video Challenge

Twitter Vine AppIf that wasn’t enough, social freaks are challenging each others to create a vine that captures an unexpected pair. With such kind of activities of creating unexpected and unusual vine videos, it can be conclude that vine users are really pushing their creativity to next level.

Vine was among the top ten iPhone apps and today vine is found in almost every smartphone operating on iOS and Android. Mainly people make use of vine to create six second long snapshot with respective sound of their everyday life, and such kind of innovative challenges can push tool a level up so that it can perform even better than today.

Twitter Vine Application for iPhoneIf you want to be the part of this crazy vine unexpected challenge, all you need to do is to think of two things that would never associate with each other. For example, you can think of unusual or rare animal friendships or anything that your find unusual. Just go out with you phone, camera and shoot what you believe to be unusual and unexpected.

Interested, but Confused About How to Make Your Vine Stand Out.

Creating six second vine is an interesting challenge in itself, but to be winner you need to think out of the box and beyond ordinary. Well, we will help your with some tips about how to shoot an outstanding Vine and get hold of crown. Tips are as follow,

  • Vine For iPhone and iPadVisualize the Final Product
  • Find Your Own Unique Visual Style
  • Set Your Brain to “Vine Mode”
  • Use Your Six Seconds Wisely
  • Stabilize Your Shot
  • Be Aware of Technical Limitations
  • Follow Other Viners for Inspiration

Heartily thanks to Vine because it allows interesting people to share their creativity to global audiences. Participate with your comedy, animated, love or any other video and catch the spot light at early.