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Shape the Future of Mankind with Renewable Sources of Energy

Shape the Future of Mankind with Renewable Sources of Energy

Posted On : January 13, 2016


The great worry that concerns the wise minds of the world is not Energy but it is ‘From where the Energy’. This concern has emerged because of the Shortening Span of the resources of the Energy that mankind has been gifted with through the evolution phases of years together. The reason why we should think of the alternative source of energy is the multi-faceted benefits that we can gain from it.

Let’s have a look first at the types of energy and their expectancy.

  • Oil: NR; 50 year life expectancy
  • Natural gas: NR; 125 year life expectancy
  • Coal: NR; 200-300 year life expectancy

Renewable and Non renewable Energy

From the above facts, it becomes imperative to think of the Resources of Renewable Energy which is available in abundant quantity which is sure to last long till the existence of living beings on this planet. The nearing dead lines of Non-Renewable sources of energy have rippling effect on every area of our life that is our social, economic, and personal life will be on the verge of collapse with disastrous effect like inflation, natural calamity, green house effect, and above all end of the precious spices on the earth because of the blind and thoughtless exploitation of the Non-renewable sources of energy. However the recent wide spread awareness in this direction is really welcoming through various media. For example there are certain websites developed on stubborn platforms like Zend which are online collaboration portals for curetting and aggregating links to the most relevant, practical, and authoritative content on the subject of renewable energy and clean tech. It encourages the users to sign up or register to comment or rank existing content, or suggest additional content for inclusion in the portal. In today’s time of fastest spreading social media, it would not be impossible to bring awareness among the mass about the preservation of our natural resources and promotion of the use of Renewable sources of energy. This type of efforts will definitely serve the core purpose behind the concepts like Sustainable development which implies we need to leave this earth in the same conditions as it was at the time of our birth.

Let us initiate to replace Non renewable sources of energy like oil, natural gas, and coal with Renewable sources such as Solar Power, Wind Power, Biomass, Bio-fuel, Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectric Power. Or instead of using gasoline cars or diesel cars, we start using the cars running on electricity or solar panel.

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